Wednesday, May 02, 2012

little beau in 3 months

18 months old

19 months

19 months with his Chinese attire

20 months old!

he's growing up so fast. he speaks in words and jargon equally alot , he can imitate songs and rhymes, he can count, and he is expecting a new sibling soon :-)


~Serenity~ said...

wow harris dah nk dpt adik.congrats muna!.wonder how many months dah..:)

cherie said...

hehe tu la tp si abang makin manja. now da about 5 months, due bulan 9 inshaallah. hana bila nk ber adik ? ;-)

~Serenity~ said...

wah tak lama dah,bestnye!!im praying for a girl!!..:D. tula kak lin pun expecting dis june for the third.hana soon, tp blom lagi..hihi. bila tgk org peknen nak peknen jgk..haha.nak kejar jgk umur next yr dah 30, nnti dah tua dah tak larat..;p.

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