Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pardonez Moi

Sorry - most probably among the most spoken words in daily lives.
When do ppl say sorry? well basically, when somebody thinks he/she has comitted in something that is unacceptable or inappropriate, they'd utter sorry.

  1. For example if u accidentally bump into a 60-year-old- lady on the street, you would immediately say 'oh im sorry/ sorry mak cik' ..
  2. or if you need somebody to repeat what they have said, you'd say "i'm sorry, but i didn't catch what you've just said. could you bla bla.."
  3. or when you think you haven't reached people's expectation on you, you'd say "i'm sorry for not doing my best/ im sorry im not what you think i am"
  4. or when you want to ask question or for direction "i'm sorry, could you explain with a little more detail on the embryogenesis? i'm kind of interested on that subject (personally :hate it hehehe)"
  5. or when you feel guilty about what you've done , you'd say "im sorry, i shouldn't have done that to you"
  6. or sometime ppl can say sorry even when they know they are dead right and the other person is dead wrong just to avoid futher conflict between them. " you're right.. i'm sorry"
  7. or when you think you've hurt someone's feeling with your actions or words, you'd say " i'm sorry, didn't mean to make you cry.."
  8. and i'm sure you can think of many more

anyway, why say sorry, when we could just ignore and stuck our nose up high with the sorry,-i-don't-offer-sorry look? the answer is, people would forget much easier of what you did to them when you ask for their forgiveness. That old lady would probably remember your face until the day she dies if you, on the other hand, left without a word after that simple incident.

N 'sorry' can simply wipe the rudeness in your tone away. .

N simple sorry can definitely blossom your relationship with the people around you ever more brightly.

after all, it's a healthy thing! Therefore, Im saying it now - in grace - " I'm Sorry"..

Friday, January 20, 2006


i watched The Calcium Kid just now. You know, i feel like 'punching' those who told me that story isn't worth watching. it's brilliant! unique in fact. very British yeah, but it does manage to get as close as to what reality is. i could have watched it like a year ago, but becoz of all these 'batu api's, i didn't. well, it does feel better blaming others rather than yourself.

God, i'm bored.. Anyway, lecture tomorrow is supposed to be given by Bill Powderly, Head of School of Medicine. Soo, reluctantly (rather curiously actually) must attend it.

so today's ups? baby Muslih and several little daily things
downs? almost every other things

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ada apa with professionalism and shopping spree?

What make us different?

  1. Med undergraduates will be entitled as DOCTOR the minute we graduate. Where as degree in accountancy or whatever doesnt neccessarily make you an accountant.
  2. Our MB/BCh is more than just a degree, it is infact a professional examination.
  3. As my lecturer puts it, we are the only group of people, who can legally look George Bush in the eye and say to him, "undress!" . Hahahahahahah LOL.

Today was fantastic! huhuh professionalism lecture was interesting.the above , numbered points were actually the quotes from lecturers of this morning lectures.

and right after, i went to town and did the most agressive shopping i've ever done my whole life!! i ve set up my mind to go for something brandy and to deter myself ( at least for today )from cheaper outlets like Penneys , Dunnes Store or charity shops. Instead i went to boutiques like Pamella Scott, Esprit, Laura Ashley, Mark and Spencer, Barratts , Clarks, Mango, River Island and even brace myself into Brown Thomas! Brown Thomas' garments department was heaven!! never seen something soo expensive suddenly being soo damn cheap! i mean the price is reduced to the level which is affordable for poor people like me. imagine something originally priced at 190 euro being sold as low as 20euro!! well yeah, the on-going sales are now on the clearance stages.that's why.
Wanted to enter first class designer boutiques such as Louis Vuitton ( i have a massive crush on this brand) , Dior , DnG, Gucci, Chanel n stuff, but my dressing today wasnt so presentable (i wore battered looking sneakers and my tudung was so tak kemas n buruk.why today why??why??!!) so tgk display kat luar je la, while gulping unconsciously as i saw the 4 digits price tags on most the bags. huhuhuh.

i ended up buying a lot of things.. but most arent for myself. Gifts for my loved ones back home in malaysia.bile lagi nak berbudi kan.hehe. d'accord, as usual , i guess i need to sleep now. a plus!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sweet sour start...

And so, the term has begun. Am not so excited about it. quite relax actually. not so pack. not much study to be done. it's all skills that matter. yet, very unpleasant to my daily life. pour qoi? coz class starts at eight!
Am also << 2 months away from leaving Dublin for good. Loads of things to be settled. house-hunting, packing, shipping, and i havent done any of those.
Couldn't sleep last night. not sure whether it was dietary or psychologically induced consequence.probably both..
Anyway, today's workshop was pretty interesting. we did Venous cannulation, ECG ( didnt get a thing bout it, but somehow pity the parkinson-affected doctor so much to have a go on him here), rectal examination and urinary catheterisation. didn't do it on real patients of course ( cant imagine doing the rectal n urinary procedures on real chap. Yuck!! disguting!). my first time doing sort of stuff and im already in third year! well practical wise, med students who do locally are much more advance than us. But theoretical wise, we are unbeatable hahahah.no juz kidding.well no.. im not quite kidding actually.that statement is quite true.

Pic: Venous cannulation. ala klu korang wat blood test tu ni la mendenye

Friday, January 13, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

So , je crois, the best experience while in Mannheim ( selain drpd dapat makan makanan Korea - He mul tang- ((cmni ke eja,blu?)) and makan nasik tomato Saleys y sedap giler, ) was watching Ice Hockey Match!! hehe Quite a weird thing to do while on vacation aight? anyway, this trip wasnt meant to be like my typical cuti2 europe as before. simply didnt plan that way. set my mind as 'to go visiting friends' rather than 'go-n-see places' kind. and matter-of-factly, was definitely one of my best memories while being abroad=)
this match was between Adler Mannheim Vs Scorpion Hannover
Venue : SAP Arena ,Mannheim

Pemain2 Adler Mannheim Masuk ke Arena..

Diperkenalkan satu persatu..
Penjaga gol Scorpion Hannover.. tgh gabra tu agaknye hehe
Players in action..
Fans chanting Adler!!Mannheim!!! and seangkatan dengannye..

Friday, January 06, 2006

NRJ music award

Don't ask. neither I know what NRJ stands for( even after browsing the website and watch a couple of nominated Videos. too lazy to go in depth about the award thing). All i know it's a french music award and will be aired on one of the TV channels here in France on the 21st January ( damn, already back in Dublin by then..) why am i bothered? hmm excellent question ,with 100% accuracy of hitting the jackpot. Well done!! hahaha . Well, to those who know me best or at least much much better than average friends do, might have guessed what is it. Gérald De Palmas (pic on the left)of course. bien sur! Learnt just now that he'd been nominated in three MAJOR categories (wala vache!! -suspect wrong spelling there hehe)
but pretty tough competition though . Other nominees are quite hebat2. pour example; for Artiste Masculin Franchophone* de l'année ( artis lelaki berbahasa perancis of the year), he has to compete with established figures like Yannick Noah and pop scene phenomenon like Raphael( this Rafael seems very popular in french TV, don't like him much, though i personally think he is, in a way, the french version of James Blunt- love Jame's songs )
the other two nominations are for Album Franchophone de l'année and Chanson Franchophone de l'année ( album dan lagu perancis terbaik).
but the later category has really torn me into two.y? because Emmanuel Moire (pic on the left)is also a nominee (for mon essentiel- top 5 in my evergreen favourite list!). Gérald is nominated for Elle habite ici ( love that song too,but isnt in my most-loved Gerald's chansons list- still, i love that song!) . so i ended up voting for both songs. hehe.but i have a fairly strong instinct that Emmanuel 's gonna win over Gérald (and the others).Mon essentiel is quite a tsumawi-like (just my assumption, since i first heard this song winter last year, and up to this winter it still constantly appears on TV)one-hit wonder i think. Terase nk tgk la plak teater Le Roi Soleil tuh (mon essentiel is actually a song in that musical theathre).
anyway, good luck to both of them. bonne chance!

*franchophone - org y menggunekan bahasa perancis, so i assume this category xsemestinye for mereka y berbangsa perancis semata2.may be org canada ke,Coté d'Ivoire ke. agak je. may be salah.so info ni x reliable.

    **untuk mengundi, sile lah klik sini; remember, your vote counts. even beza satu undi penentu siapa bawak balik kerusi parlimen.. oppss sori, bawak balik piala 8).. on verra

my other blog entry about de palmas clique ici /klik sini

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Walking down the longest shopping street in Germany. Approximately 2 km in length. The oldest McDonald in Germany was supposed to be on this street, but was already gone by the time we visited. suspect it went bankrup. BTW, pic taken while heading for the castle below.( God, extremely out of breath climbing up the steep hill to get there)

Okie, so Germany was second in our winter trip plan after Paris. Mannheim in particular. Our beloved tour guide (wink to a mannheimer) brought us to this town on Christmas day.Yep it was a gloomy christmas here.Not just the weather. Even the people on the street! ( except for the four of us la hehe).
Wonder why the castle wall split n slid down? short recap; well,the french was long-time arch enemy to the Germans . the french kept bombing the Germans (and most probably vice versa). but this castle wall was such an impregnable fortress. so kire da banyak kali being bombarded with missiles whatsoever by the french but stll untouchable; until they managed to get a traitor to set a blast from the inside,and so it happened. Again, do correct me if i'm wrong. pengetahuan ni i obtained secara verbal je after all.
it's midnight, and i must have some sleep. Bonne soirée

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Winter in Paris part 2

, i was in paris again. mais non, never get enough of that place. will never do. Jamais. Lantak la kan kalau org lain xsetuju. couldn't care less. kalau winter last year i went to Louvre and sekutunye, this time i went to the Disneyland !!! Gosh,it was fantastic. suddenly wish to be kid again- well, did feel like one then hehehe. sourvenirs lawa2 tp ade satu major drawback y gile2 takbes.. Almost on everything ade engraving MADE IN CHINA. erkhh sakit hati betul. mmg kedekut company Disneyland Resort Paris ni.i mean come on!!they charge every individual AT LEAST 42€ just to get in there and they manufacture all their goodies from China (a small proportion from other sepet/sawo matang countries like Vietnam, and Taiwan etc) to cut down manufacturing expenses and yet they still have the heart ( come to think of it, wonder if they have any) to sell those stuff at throat-cutting prices??? and I'm not yet finished with the ticket thingy. Allow me to enlighten you more [ceewah terase macam bercakap dlm kelas theater inggeris hahaha] The 42€ i mentioned earlier is the price IF you wish to visit the parc only (which he n i did); you will need to add-up another 9€ to enter the Studio; and that only applied if you buy both tickets in one go; If, for some reason however,that you end up buying them separately (please do not commit such blunder my dear blog-readers), then the sum you're gonna throw away straight into Mickey n Co's mouths will be about 80€++! do correct me if i'm wrong. However, DO NOT get me wrong. Whilst very much unsatisfied with the sourvenirs' irrelevantly high pricing, i still think the entry ticket price (50€ in average) is quite reasonable, considering the amount of fun you would /should be experiencing. i was pissed off since i think i could have spent lesser while IN the Disneyland if only they (whoever they are; DRP, french government etc etc) reduced the taxes/benefits on what they are selling (especially) to people like me!! erghhh

Okay,enough Disneyland. We also went window shopping and err.. shopping a 'very-tiny'bit (hehehe merci mon amant) at Galleries La Fayette. it's more or less a French version of Harrods. it was festive season then( even now while I'm writing).hence the lightings and decor were splendid. cntik sesangat.really love it. ikut plan nk singgah Champs Elysée (the best avenue/boulevard ever!!) gak right after that but i was so tired that night and after an hour in La Fayette, i was practically begging cheri to go back to Noisy-Champ. kept yawning every 2 seconds( punye la ngantuk). and oh well I AM sleepy now ( yawning) .. better stop here i guess. will be in Paris again in 1 week time. oh gonna miss this place so much.. Je t'aime Paris!!!!