Saturday, November 17, 2012

making home and home made cooking

Confinement leave is really a blessing. though i have to waste a total of 40 days at home .
But thanks to my  three months leave, I have learnt about  new passion. cooking and baking! this hobby has been rather viral i guess. everyone is suddenly into it. i'm not a cooking type really, and apparently my husband is ok with that ( thank God). but i can see he really lightened up when i cooked or baked for him.the signs were very subtle but having been with him for 4  years, i  can detect it well :P
broccopoulet oregano soup - made when my maid was on leave

salmon pasta - a bit dry . should have made it creamier

Raclette - with russet potato, baby carrot, salami, mashed potato, frankfurter (wish we had merguez instead) 

ahh this is my favourite - egg benedict!

Salmon risotto - got inspired after watching masterchef 

chocolate pavlova - the meringue collapsed in half , cream wasn't whipped enough, but the taste was heavenly good!

this is my version of  turkey and egg sandwich

and my favourite drink - le creme chocolat :) 
we are also busy renovating  our new house in Kota SAS.  so far we are only installing kitchen cabinets, grills, curtains,  electrical appliances, and grass in the backyard .will buy some basic furnitures after everything above is completely done.
and oh , we painted our kids' room too ! can hardly wait to move in. well, it's probably will just be a weekend home for now. am thinking of making it as a guest house as well, since we're not staying there all the time.

Harris' room - stars made by 80%  mommy 20%  papa

Sarah's room- too tired to do murals - perhaps will resort to stickers, later
sneak peak to our 90% completed kitchen - so looking forward to play with these toys! wait for more foods;)

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